Would you exercise (more) if someone paid you to?

Inactivity… It’s a major issue The WHO lists physical inactivity as a global public health problem. In some regions (namely the Americas & Eastern Mediterranean regions), 50% of the population are classified as sedentary. To combat this problem, and to (literally) decrease the associated morbidity and mortality, people are trying to find ways to get …

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GM-mosquitoes to fight Zika (WHO)

The WHO is looking to release genetically-modified mosquitoes in an attempt to halt the spread of the Zika virus. What a great initiative!  I mean, when has the introduction of a foreign species EVER gone wrong?


Cochrane: Midwife-led care offers better outcomes for most pregnancies

A recent Cochrane review with 15 studies involving 17,674 women found that midwife-led care: Had no adverse effects compared with doctor-led care; Resulted in fewer epidurals, episiotomies or instrumental births; Resulted in fewer preterm births, loss of baby before 24 weeks’ gestation, and overall loss of baby; Resulted in increased patient (mother) satisfaction. It concludes that most …

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Introduction of Solids

I’m reading in various Mum Support Groups online that babies are starting on solids REALLY early… Like starting at 4 weeks. OK, we didn’t do the whole “exclusive BF until 6 months” (we introduced one formula feed at night and baby-led weaning at about 5 months) but 4 weeks?! Authorities are not 100% in agreement …

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WHO: C-Sections Should Be Performed Only When Medically Indicated

The World Health Organisation issued a statement last week: “… that Caesarean sections can reduce maternal and neonatal mortality, but only when they are medically indicated.” Duh, no kidding. This is on the back of a previous recommendation dating back to 1985 that “Caesarean section rates of 10-15% are considered ‘ideal’ by international health experts”. …

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