Do kids go crazy in windy weather?

Following on from my previous post querying whether windy weather affects the behaviour of kids, the nerd in me took over to see whether there was any evidence on this topic. (NB: you can’t use ‘wind and children’ in a search term unless you want to read lots about farts…) Firstly, the not-so-scientific explanations out there. …

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Walk & ‘The Wind’

Before going to bed last night, I had every intention of going for a long (10km-ish) run today with bub in stroller. As it so happens… 9pm fed bub and put to bed, and he didn’t wake for his next feed until 2am.  Ah, you may say, how fortunate you were to have a 5 …

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Gentle walking workout (yes, really)

Decided for a day to stop channelling Linda Hamilton in Terminator 2:   and engaged my softer side… It was nice and easy and for once I didn’t feel like a guilty slow underachiever when I saw the tortoise. Depending on your mood it can actually look quite cute…