The DSM-V Diagnoses of Toddlerhood

I was TRYING to read an interesting paper on psychiatric comorbidities but our toddler had other ideas. We considered just letting him be, but we do eventually want to get our bond back. Parents the world over are united in their description of toddler behaviour… “Nut job, lunatic, crazy person, psycho, delusional, insane…” It turns …

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Study – Genetics, Sleep & Toddler Temperament

I don’t know about you, but I function like a zombie on Xanax when I’m sleep-deprived; I’ve always been envious of those who survive (and thrive) on 4 hours of sleep per night. Researchers have taken this question of why some people are more affected by sleep deprivation than others to a whole new level. In …

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A Day in the Life of a Toddler

05:20hrs Ah, I wake refreshed after my 9-hour sleep. I love sleeping with Mum and Dad… Dad’s neck as my pillow, and Mum’s face as my footrest, this is the life. Despite my being wide awake, neither of the big people have gotten up yet to get me a snack or drink or just to …

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Toddler “Essentials”

OK. So the kid is nearly 18 months (and thank goodness approaching an age when we can stop counting in months)… For some reason I find that insanely annoying. We’ve pretty much stuffed him into all existing clothing and shoes but unfortunately we’ve reached a point that if we don’t buy him some new stuff, he …

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