10 reasons why toddlers are better than babies

Before our boy was born, all I ever heard was ‘babies are the best!’ and “you’ll be sorry when they start walking”. Well, I have to strenuously disagree. Here are 10 reasons why toddlers rock compared with babies. 1. There is more of a two-way relationship. Let’s face it, with babies you are just feeding/ …

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HK Summer Trail Running

Trail running is awesome. It is even more awesome in a Hong Kong summer with 36°C heat and 99% humidity. Fighting dehydration, exhaustion, slippery rocks after typhoons, dengue-malaria-Japanese-encephalitis-carrying-mosquitoes and vicious monkeys…. I am essentially Bear Grylls. Without proper training… or the accent… or the upbeat attitude when the going gets tough… (as well as a …

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Workout with Bubs 9.5 Months

Bad BAD BAAAAAD night of teething. I know, I’m still complaining about teething. I am so over it. “Lazy workout” this morning in my sleep deprived state: Tabata x5 – Overhead squats 20kg – Push ups – Decline crunches 3kg medicine ball – Chins 1 leg assist Tabata was definitely the way to go this …

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Happy 9 months! Teething, fondling & cocaine

Happy 9 months to our boy! In the blink of an eye he’s gone from an eating-pooping-crying-machine to a gorgeous almost-toddler with the (child-equivalent) strength of Conan and determination of Lance Armstrong single-balling his way to victory in Le Tour de France. Speaking of bits, our boy has discovered his.  Every nappy change is an …

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WOD 7 months after Caesarean Section Delivery & Teething Query

Well, we’re past the 7 month post-delivery mark and after a few hiccoughs (moving house, being sick, any and all things associated with having a kid), we’re getting back into the swing of things. Workout this morning: 7 rounds in 14:06 7 thrusters (8kg DB) 7 crunches (3kg medicine ball) 7 push ups 7 DB …

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