Tabata Workout 6 weeks Post-Delivery

#tabata #newmum #babybod #homeworkout Tabata 1 (All with baby in carrier and 5kg weight vest) Squats Push ups Speed skaters Rows Plank contralateral arm/leg Tabata 2 Jump squats Mountain climb Jump lunges Deadlifts & Rows Burpees I officially have no more hamstrings. 😰


Happy One Month Baby Girl!

Baby girl is 1 month old today – we celebrated with a pink, frilly, Hello Kitty party for her and all her little friends. Gluten, dairy and nut free of course. HA! Her 1 month old birthday gift (as is every gift from hereon in) is having such awesome parents/ older brother…. And we celebrated by …

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Workout 3+ Weeks Post-Delivery

OK, I originally started this blog to document my experience and review the evidence regarding exercise in pregnancy. Two pregnancies down… But sadly my workout frequencies are down too… Sigh. 🙁 ANYWAY, hit the gym today – first proper workout since arrival of the girl! (Don’t laugh at my weights – or lack thereof!) TABATA …

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Workout with Bubs 9.5 Months

Bad BAD BAAAAAD night of teething. I know, I’m still complaining about teething. I am so over it. “Lazy workout” this morning in my sleep deprived state: Tabata x5 – Overhead squats 20kg – Push ups – Decline crunches 3kg medicine ball – Chins 1 leg assist Tabata was definitely the way to go this …

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Happy 9 months! Teething, fondling & cocaine

Happy 9 months to our boy! In the blink of an eye he’s gone from an eating-pooping-crying-machine to a gorgeous almost-toddler with the (child-equivalent) strength of Conan and determination of Lance Armstrong single-balling his way to victory in Le Tour de France. Speaking of bits, our boy has discovered his.  Every nappy change is an …

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Christmas Day Workout & Study on Infant Feeding and Maternal Mortality

Hope everyone had a lovely Christmas! I totally forgot to post our Christmas Day workout… hubbie and I went down to the local kiddies playground and did: Tabata (5 rounds) – Jump squats – Decline push ups – Pull ups – TTB (in my case, knees to chest) A lady and her kids came down …

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Workouts 4 months+ post Caesarean section delivery

Yesterday: Tabata (6 rounds) – 40kg deadlifts – Bike – Pull ups – Burpees – 12kg DB snatch – Crunches (plank) (If you’re thinking ‘what is Tabata training‘, check out my previous post.) Today: Top of 31 degrees today and 60% humidity – finally, some hot and humid weather… reminiscent of Hong Kong, without the …

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