Diet Affects Sleep… And Sleep Affects Diet

A recent study in the Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine has found an effect of diet on sleep. The researchers studied the diet and sleep patterns of 26 healthy adults and found that: Sleep duration did not change with diet type, however Improved sleep quality was associated with a diet higher in fibre, lower in …

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Life… Pre- and Post-Children

Forget all that deep and meaningful crap that people go on about once they’ve had kids. Sure you love them – biological imperative – I believe they call it gene survival… You can’t imagine life without them – because they won’t shut up long enough to let you… Having them makes you stronger – I …

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Study – housework aids sleep during menopause

So I’m going through my old post drafts, and find this hilarious (undoubtedly male-designed) study. Researchers love talking about housework it seems – see an earlier post with tips for doing your housework)… This study looked at the impact of housework on the quality and quantity of sleep in menopausal women in the States, and …

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Sleep deprivation decreases doctor performance… Duh, really?

I giggled reading my medical alerts today. Some genius hypothesised that sleep deprivation would decrease doctor performance (in this case, it was found that being on-call and performing an emergency procedure led to a 24% decrease in adenoma detection rates the next day). This result echoed that of another study that found that sleep deprivation …

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Sleep glorious sleep! And clearance of brain metabolites…

I’ll preface this post by saying how much I love sleeping. Not just because we’ve got a new baby and we’re a bit sleep deprived… I have always loved sleeping. Sleeping rocks. Without sufficient sleep, mood and cognition are impaired (no kidding – I have the pleasure of being both a doctor and a new …

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