The things kids don’t know about their mothers

I read this lovey-dovey article the other day, speaking about the “things that kids don’t know about their mothers.” Post-delivery I would have been so (with delicate sobbing) “Oh this article is so speaking to me PERSONALLY”. Because you are the only woman to have given birth, ever. You are special, blessed. The baby is …

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New Mum Queries

I don’t mean to sound uncaring, but had to giggle (laugh like a hyena) when I read these new mum concerns online… “How do I initiate a routine with my 2-week-old?” “My 1-week-old is being very clingy and only wants to be held by me – what’s wrong with her?” “My 3-week-old is only sleeping …

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Life… Pre- and Post-Children

Forget all that deep and meaningful crap that people go on about once they’ve had kids. Sure you love them – biological imperative – I believe they call it gene survival… You can’t imagine life without them – because they won’t shut up long enough to let you… Having them makes you stronger – I …

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Workout @ 17 weeks pregnancy

OK, I’ve been WAY more lax with workouts in this pregnancy than with the first. Probably because there is now the added factor of ‘toddler’. In fact, if only you could see into the future when you’re pregnant with your first child, you wouldn’t complain about a thing: Your time is your own. Not owned …

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How to combat sleep deprivation

When you’re pregnant/ a new parent, the hormones mess with your mind, and you think it’s a good idea to enter the competition for the $3,000 stroller. Unbeknownst to you however this is just a clever ploy to put you on an email mailing list that will send you updates about irrelevant crap FOREVER. Today …

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Sleep deprivation decreases doctor performance… Duh, really?

I giggled reading my medical alerts today. Some genius hypothesised that sleep deprivation would decrease doctor performance (in this case, it was found that being on-call and performing an emergency procedure led to a 24% decrease in adenoma detection rates the next day). This result echoed that of another study that found that sleep deprivation …

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Are you thinking of sleep-training your kid?

Parents complain. A lot. I feel we’ve been relatively lucky with our boy BUT one thing I’m not great with is sleep deprivation. We are not exactly “pro-routine” but there have been times, at 4am, when we’ve been woken up for the 3rd time that night by snorting/ snuffling/ crying/ dry retching/ cannonballing off cot …

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Workout with Bubs 9.5 Months

Bad BAD BAAAAAD night of teething. I know, I’m still complaining about teething. I am so over it. “Lazy workout” this morning in my sleep deprived state: Tabata x5 – Overhead squats 20kg – Push ups – Decline crunches 3kg medicine ball – Chins 1 leg assist Tabata was definitely the way to go this …

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Sleep glorious sleep! And clearance of brain metabolites…

I’ll preface this post by saying how much I love sleeping. Not just because we’ve got a new baby and we’re a bit sleep deprived… I have always loved sleeping. Sleeping rocks. Without sufficient sleep, mood and cognition are impaired (no kidding – I have the pleasure of being both a doctor and a new …

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WOD 13+4 days post Caesarean section delivery

We emerged this morning after a rough couple of days. Poor quality sleep, frequent awakenings, suboptimal feeding and rapid cycling laughing-crying. And that was just me. Slept a bit better last night so hightailed it down to the gym: 10 mins hill programme elliptical cross-trainer 5 rounds in 13:40 – 10 front squat 30kg – 10 push ups …

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