Abandoned baby. Apparently.

OK. Still 6 months post baby #2. This 6 month mark feels like it’s been going for a really… long… time… Sick of jogging. Sick of gym. Sick of Tabata. Feeling crap and unmotivated. I know. Boo hoo. Poor me. So today… Slapped myself around the face (“MAN UP!”) then went and did some hill …

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Run @ 2+ months post-delivery

So we had a milestone today… Our first #postpartum #run, just me and the #babygirl (well, first run out of the womb anyway!). We did about 5km in about 25mins. Not too shabby I guess. But surely factoring in the weight of the baby capsule (weighs nearly a tonne – I have #tenniselbow again from …

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Happy One Month Baby Girl!

Baby girl is 1 month old today – we celebrated with a pink, frilly, Hello Kitty party for her and all her little friends. Gluten, dairy and nut free of course. HA! Her 1 month old birthday gift (as is every gift from hereon in) is having such awesome parents/ older brother…. And we celebrated by …

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37+3 weeks… Running and cheesecake.

OK, the girl and I are at 37+3 weeks pregnancy. Gone are my previous ambitions of being a patient, “oh the baby will come when she’s ready” (cue gentle motherly giggle) pregnant woman. I’m saying NOW is a good time to come out. Sadly no-one is listening. Ran 6km today. It was difficult… the whole way. …

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Perfect run. Perfect food. Perfect day!

This was the weather in Melbourne today… Perfect weather for a run!* *As the Scandinavians say, “there is no such thing as bad weather… Only inappropriate clothing”. Chugged along and did about 7km. Aside from the baby girl tap dancing on my bladder at the start (we’re 27+2 weeks along today), it was a near …

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Running @ 6.5 months pregnancy

It’s official… my body is falling apart. Went for a 6km run today. Honestly didn’t feel like it. But I’d cracked open my first chocolate Easter bunny. And the baby wouldn’t let me stop… 🙁 I don’t know what hurt the most: My hand – have some weird nerve compression going on, left hand is …

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The awesomeness of fruit, veg & exercise

Studies are confirming what we already know – the awesomeness of fruit, veg and exercise. Fruit & vegetables are awesome:  five daily servings of fruit (2) and vegetables (3) reduce cardiovascular mortality.  (In fact, each fruit or vegetable serving is associated with a 4% reduction in cardiovascular mortality.) Exercise is awesome:  only a minimal amount …

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