WOD at 3 months and 29 days post-Caesarean section delivery

Ah, approaching the 4 month mark. Everything they say is true – bub becomes a little more settled, starts babbling nonsense (but still makes more sense than the lady at Centrelink when I was sorting out my paid parental leave) and things become more fun. Yes fun, motherhood seems to be promoted as this martyred-fall-on-your-sword-give-up-your-life-and-pelvic-floor-no-more-alcohol-only-tummy-time-shit-I-forgot-enrollment-in-elite-drastically-overpriced-school-when-he-was-an-embryo-now-too-late-argh! …

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WODs/ Workouts 14+ weeks post Caesarean section delivery

Workouts for the last 3 days… Day before yesterday: 30-20-10 – DB snatches – Burpees Yesterday: 5 rounds for imaginary time (again forgot the timer!): – 8 front squats 20kg (man, they’re hard on your wrists) – 8 decline push ups – 8 split leg squats – 4 chin ups (unassisted baby!) – 8 knees …

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Workouts @ 14 weeks post Caesarean section delivery

Workouts from the last 3 days: Day 1:  21-15-9 Round 1: Thrusters 20kg, Knees to chest Round 2: Deadlifts 40kg, Push ups Day 2: 21-15-9 Round 1: Split squats 10kg DB, Sit ups 3kg medicine ball Round 2: KB swings 12kg, Sumo high pulls 20kg, Push ups Day 3: 5km run The day 3 run was …

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6km road run @ 13+5 weeks post Caesarean section

Had an amazing sleep last night: nearly a 6-hour stretch. (Amazing used to be 12-hours but it’s all relative now…) When you’re a new mother, longer night sleeps are nature’s cruel joke… you either get short sleeps because you are woken by the baby crying, or you get long sleeps and wake to find yourself …

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9km road run

My upper body was soooo sore after my last workout there was no way I could hit the gym. I couldn’t even straighten my arms fully… totally awesome! Went instead for a road run WITHOUT BABY! It felt totally weird to be running without a stroller. While I missed him the second I was out the …

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Run 10+2 weeks post Caesarean section

Gorgeous weather today… and no hateful positive ion charged psychotic behaviour inducing winds! Went for a leisurely jog today. Originally I planned to gym but I’ve somehow managed to develop both tennis and golfer’s elbows, on both arms. In hindsight the previous session with pull ups and farmers walk may have done it… I’m making …

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Run-Walk 10+1 weeks post Caesarean section

Gorgeous day today… A bit hot and dry. With some of the dreaded ‘wind’… But can’t complain! Went for a run-walk with bub and hub. It was pretty hard work after yesterday’s workout but still felt fab. Endomondo shot: Now time for some cool beverages!


Road run

This workout was a (pretty short!) road run 4/1/2013 @ 05:30 Forgot to wear a heart rate monitor… Very little people and cars as still a lot of people away on holidays. Overall the run felt easy (especially as the temperature was still cool and I had drunk quite a lot of fluids the night …

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Running… and pain!

Well, it was a gorgeous day the other day and hubbie was slow getting out of bed… Time for a run! To be honest I haven’t been for a ‘proper’ run for a whole week. I’ll take it easy, it will be great….. Turns out the run was great. I did a well-worn route and …

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