Trail running

Looooove trail running. There’s nothing quite like running through nature, leaves underfoot, breeze in your face, with the variation in scenery making you forget that trail running is HARD WORK! Anyway, this workout was a trail run with hubbie Sun 6/1/2013 at 11:27. Woke up about 2 hours before we went running, so had time …

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Running… and pain!

Well, it was a gorgeous day the other day and hubbie was slow getting out of bed… Time for a run! To be honest I haven’t been for a ‘proper’ run for a whole week. I’ll take it easy, it will be great….. Turns out the run was great. I did a well-worn route and …

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Push-ups… Woah… What are they good for?

(You were meant to sing the title of this entry to Edwin Starr’s “War” – check out the 1969 video here). So to get back into strength training at the gym, I’m focusing on compound exercises (those that use multiple muscle groups – like chin ups, push ups, squats) rather than isolated muscle group exercises …

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