Workout 3+ Weeks Post-Delivery

OK, I originally started this blog to document my experience and review the evidence regarding exercise in pregnancy. Two pregnancies down… But sadly my workout frequencies are down too… Sigh. 🙁 ANYWAY, hit the gym today – first proper workout since arrival of the girl! (Don’t laugh at my weights – or lack thereof!) TABATA …

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Workout @ 17 weeks pregnancy

OK, I’ve been WAY more lax with workouts in this pregnancy than with the first. Probably because there is now the added factor of ‘toddler’. In fact, if only you could see into the future when you’re pregnant with your first child, you wouldn’t complain about a thing: Your time is your own. Not owned …

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Workout with Bubs 9.5 Months

Bad BAD BAAAAAD night of teething. I know, I’m still complaining about teething. I am so over it. “Lazy workout” this morning in my sleep deprived state: Tabata x5 – Overhead squats 20kg – Push ups – Decline crunches 3kg medicine ball – Chins 1 leg assist Tabata was definitely the way to go this …

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Happy 9 months! Teething, fondling & cocaine

Happy 9 months to our boy! In the blink of an eye he’s gone from an eating-pooping-crying-machine to a gorgeous almost-toddler with the (child-equivalent) strength of Conan and determination of Lance Armstrong single-balling his way to victory in Le Tour de France. Speaking of bits, our boy has discovered his.  Every nappy change is an …

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WOD 7 months after Caesarean Section Delivery & Teething Query

Well, we’re past the 7 month post-delivery mark and after a few hiccoughs (moving house, being sick, any and all things associated with having a kid), we’re getting back into the swing of things. Workout this morning: 7 rounds in 14:06 7 thrusters (8kg DB) 7 crunches (3kg medicine ball) 7 push ups 7 DB …

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WOD Modified “Hard Cindy”

I haven’t exercised since Christmas Day (sigh…) so I was excited to hit the gym today: Modified “Hard Cindy” Complete as many rounds as possible in 20 minutes of: – 5 Pull-ups – 10 Push-ups with feet on 30″ box – 15 Squats holding a 10kg plate Managed 8 rounds. Every. Thing. Hurts.


Christmas Day Workout & Study on Infant Feeding and Maternal Mortality

Hope everyone had a lovely Christmas! I totally forgot to post our Christmas Day workout… hubbie and I went down to the local kiddies playground and did: Tabata (5 rounds) – Jump squats – Decline push ups – Pull ups – TTB (in my case, knees to chest) A lady and her kids came down …

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Workout 4 months post-Caesarean section delivery

4 rounds: 9 back squats 40kg 9 decline push ups 9 split squats 9 pull ups 5kg assist 9 burpees Didn’t time the workout because le child had a meltdown after rounds 2 and 4. I was secretly thankful that I could use the “pushing the stroller until he fell asleep” time as an opportunity …

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WOD at 3 months and 29 days post-Caesarean section delivery

Ah, approaching the 4 month mark. Everything they say is true – bub becomes a little more settled, starts babbling nonsense (but still makes more sense than the lady at Centrelink when I was sorting out my paid parental leave) and things become more fun. Yes fun, motherhood seems to be promoted as this martyred-fall-on-your-sword-give-up-your-life-and-pelvic-floor-no-more-alcohol-only-tummy-time-shit-I-forgot-enrollment-in-elite-drastically-overpriced-school-when-he-was-an-embryo-now-too-late-argh! …

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WOD at nearly 4 months post-Caesarean section delivery

I can’t believe nearly 4 months has passed since bub was born. I feel so old saying that… or maybe I feel old because we were woken in the early hours by an explosive bowel opening (by the bub, not my hubbie or I… just to clarify!). As they say, better out than in… Yesterday: …

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