35 weeks… It’s the Final Countdown!

Yes I AM referring to that song by Europe. You can thank me later for putting it in your head. And just because you know you want to, check out the video. Really, between Europe and Dolph Lundgren, the world owes 80s Sweden a massive ‘thank you’.   7km run this morning. Geez it was …

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Happy 7 months!

We’re 7 months along in our pregnancy, and today we had a great 7km run to celebrate. There comes a point in your pregnancy when getting into your workout clothes is more of a workout than the workout itself.


Rate of Perceived Exertion (RPE)

The Rate of Perceived Exertion (RPE) Scale is a psychophysiological scale – it reflects the interaction between body (physiological events) and mind (perception of exertion). It was originally measured with a scale that was developed by Swedish psychologist Gunnar Borg and is therefore often referred to as (drumroll…..) The Borg Scale. These days people have made …

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Exercise intensity in pregnancy: HR vs RPE

People have been looking at exercise prescription in pregnancy since way back… The benefits of exercise in pregnancy are many and I won’t go into them here. Exercise prescription consists of frequency (eg. how many times per week), duration (eg. how long each workout lasts) and intensity (eg. how hard you work out), and throughout …

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Trail running

Looooove trail running. There’s nothing quite like running through nature, leaves underfoot, breeze in your face, with the variation in scenery making you forget that trail running is HARD WORK! Anyway, this workout was a trail run with hubbie Sun 6/1/2013 at 11:27. Woke up about 2 hours before we went running, so had time …

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Road run

This workout was a (pretty short!) road run 4/1/2013 @ 05:30 Forgot to wear a heart rate monitor… Very little people and cars as still a lot of people away on holidays. Overall the run felt easy (especially as the temperature was still cool and I had drunk quite a lot of fluids the night …

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Today’s gym workout: Cardio 10 mins elliptical cross trainer, resistance 8 10 mins rowing machine, resistance 10 10 mins upright stationary bike, resistance 12 Strength (3 cycles) 1. Assisted chins (overhand grip), 26kg assistance, 10 reps 2. Push ups (on toes), 10 reps 3. Legs Cycle 1: Squat, 20kg, 20 reps, fast Cycle 2: Lunges, …

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Let the games begin!

Well, I’m 8+3* weeks into my (our!) pregnancy…. Let the games begin!   (* 8 weeks + 3 days) Why am I writing, and what’s this blog about? Well, I’ve always been a fitness enthusiast… and as much as I was excited to be ‘expecting’ and determined to keep the safety and health of our unborn …

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