Day 3 post run

Well I’m day three post run and I’m hurting a lot less. I’ll be honest with you, I woke up bright and early all prepared to hit the gym. Dearest husband (in all his wisdom) asked ‘considering you couldn’t walk yesterday, is that the best thing to do?’. Now when I think about it, I …

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Pubic symphysis dysfunction… the fallout

Anyway, I had a sleepless night… Turns out you use your pelvis and legs a hellava lot to turn in bed, get up to go to the loo 654,763 times (exaggerate? Me? Never!), wrestle husband for the blankets when he comes to bed late after watching two straight seasons of Breaking Bad, no doubt dreaming …

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Pelvic pain in pregnancy – PSD/PGP

The causes of pelvic pain in pregnancy are many and varied, but here I’m going to concentrate on a cause of pelvic pain not uncommonly associated specifically with pregnancy: Pelvic Girdle Pain (PGP), or Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction (SPD). The pubic symphysis or symphysis pubis is a structure made of cartilage which connects the left and …

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