Sickness, Sadness & Stupid Songs

So last week was a tough week (in a first-world problem kind of way)… A dear relative passed away (R.I.P) I started back at work 6-month-old baby girl started daycare and acquired the requisite pestilence in the form of roseola (40 deg temps, hello?) Baby girl decided that roseola was not hard-arse enough… so she …

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How To Parent Boys… Apparently

I’ve started reading that best-selling book on parenting boys (yes THAT one). I’m only a few chapters in, but already there are some statements so profound they need to be shared: “We have to give boys plenty of chance to exercise – girls too if they want it.” Oh please, may I? I promise it won’t take time …

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You love your kids unconditionally, but sometimes they cross a line that makes forgiveness difficult. Like when your 3-month-old baby girl pees on your Bon Jovi T-shirt. #Why #ImSoSorryJon


A Day in the Life of a Toddler

05:20hrs Ah, I wake refreshed after my 9-hour sleep. I love sleeping with Mum and Dad… Dad’s neck as my pillow, and Mum’s face as my footrest, this is the life. Despite my being wide awake, neither of the big people have gotten up yet to get me a snack or drink or just to …

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