Would you exercise (more) if someone paid you to?

Inactivity… It’s a major issue The WHO lists physical inactivity as a global public health problem. In some regions (namely the Americas & Eastern Mediterranean regions), 50% of the population are classified as sedentary. To combat this problem, and to (literally) decrease the associated morbidity and mortality, people are trying to find ways to get …

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Unhealthy Australia

Australia’s Health Tracker report was released last week by the AHPC (Australian Health Policy Collaboration, Victoria University). The findings are horrifying.  Australia – this is you: Obesity:  28% adults / 30% school-age.  A THIRD OF YOUR KIDS ARE OBESE. Sedentary lifestyle:  45% adults / 70% primary schoolers / 91% in high schoolers. LESS THAN 10% …

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Fat, Glorious Fat.

Got annoyed reading this snippet in this month’s Marie Claire… “… just one high-fat meal makes us more prone to stress… Keep trail mix and chopped veggies on hand… The odd bit of Cadbury won’t hurt either.” Not only was it a casually thrown in ‘fact’ with no reference in sight, but it was telling …

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Study – Activity Levels in Mother and Child are Directly Linked

Australia is (unfortunately) one of the fattest nations in the developed world: More than 14 million Australians are overweight or obese – based on today’s population that’s 64%! More than 5 million are grossly obese; If current trends continue, 80% of Australian adults and nearly 40% of Australian children will be overweight or obese by …

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