Day 3 post run

Well I’m day three post run and I’m hurting a lot less. I’ll be honest with you, I woke up bright and early all prepared to hit the gym. Dearest husband (in all his wisdom) asked ‘considering you couldn’t walk yesterday, is that the best thing to do?’. Now when I think about it, I …

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Pubic symphysis dysfunction… the fallout

Anyway, I had a sleepless night… Turns out you use your pelvis and legs a hellava lot to turn in bed, get up to go to the loo 654,763 times (exaggerate? Me? Never!), wrestle husband for the blankets when he comes to bed late after watching two straight seasons of Breaking Bad, no doubt dreaming …

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Benefits of cross-training (the list goes on…)

I didn’t feel like I’d covered the issue of cross-training enough, so here’s more! Apart from being used by us plebs, it’s commonly used by the military and sporting professionals. As you can see, the benefits associated with cross-training are numerous and varied: It helps with: 1. Injury prevention, with injuries more commonly due to …

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