Updated SIDS Guidelines

The American Academy of Pediatrics Task Force on Sudden Infant Death Syndrome has updated its recommendations.  You can read the full article here – there is nothing really earth-shatteringly different compared with previous guidelines: 1. Put infants to sleep in a supine position, on a firm surface – ie. Not face-down in fluffy pillows. 2. Avoid …

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Amazing news! Breastmilk contains plenty of nutrients

This is a real study. Researchers in Hong Kong have found that breastmilk is nutritious enough for babies. The first stage of the study found that breastmilk contains the recommended levels of docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) necessary for brain and vision development. Wong Man-sau, deputy director of Polytechnic University’s Food Safety and Technology Research Centre, which …

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Running @ 6.5 months pregnancy

It’s official… my body is falling apart. Went for a 6km run today. Honestly didn’t feel like it. But I’d cracked open my first chocolate Easter bunny. And the baby wouldn’t let me stop… 🙁 I don’t know what hurt the most: My hand – have some weird nerve compression going on, left hand is …

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HK Trails & Amah Rock

Most people think of the CITY city when they think of HK, but it has a lot of hills and greenery too – perfect for trail running. In an attempt to make the hills more accessible, some time ago a lot of trails were laid with stone steps. Bad if you want dirt trails… Good …

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HK Summer Trail Running

Trail running is awesome. It is even more awesome in a Hong Kong summer with 36°C heat and 99% humidity. Fighting dehydration, exhaustion, slippery rocks after typhoons, dengue-malaria-Japanese-encephalitis-carrying-mosquitoes and vicious monkeys…. I am essentially Bear Grylls. Without proper training… or the accent… or the upbeat attitude when the going gets tough… (as well as a …

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Workouts 4 months+ post Caesarean section delivery

Yesterday: Tabata (6 rounds) – 40kg deadlifts – Bike – Pull ups – Burpees – 12kg DB snatch – Crunches (plank) (If you’re thinking ‘what is Tabata training‘, check out my previous post.) Today: Top of 31 degrees today and 60% humidity – finally, some hot and humid weather… reminiscent of Hong Kong, without the …

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