Tabata Workout 6 weeks Post-Delivery

#tabata #newmum #babybod #homeworkout Tabata 1 (All with baby in carrier and 5kg weight vest) Squats Push ups Speed skaters Rows Plank contralateral arm/leg Tabata 2 Jump squats Mountain climb Jump lunges Deadlifts & Rows Burpees I officially have no more hamstrings. 😰


Workouts @ 23 weeks pregnancy

Quick post, about quick workouts: Day before yesterday: Tabata 6 rounds – 20kg thrusters – Decline push ups (I am open to any other push up-related options that prevent my belly from hitting the ground! Suggestions?) – (Very lame) pull ups – Walking lunges 20kg – Burpees (so far going ok, as long as when …

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Workout @ 17 weeks pregnancy

OK, I’ve been WAY more lax with workouts in this pregnancy than with the first. Probably because there is now the added factor of ‘toddler’. In fact, if only you could see into the future when you’re pregnant with your first child, you wouldn’t complain about a thing: Your time is your own. Not owned …

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Workout with Bubs 9.5 Months

Bad BAD BAAAAAD night of teething. I know, I’m still complaining about teething. I am so over it. “Lazy workout” this morning in my sleep deprived state: Tabata x5 – Overhead squats 20kg – Push ups – Decline crunches 3kg medicine ball – Chins 1 leg assist Tabata was definitely the way to go this …

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Happy 9 months! Teething, fondling & cocaine

Happy 9 months to our boy! In the blink of an eye he’s gone from an eating-pooping-crying-machine to a gorgeous almost-toddler with the (child-equivalent) strength of Conan and determination of Lance Armstrong single-balling his way to victory in Le Tour de France. Speaking of bits, our boy has discovered his.  Every nappy change is an …

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Two mini-workouts

First Tabata Apart from a skipping rope the only available equipment was a set of exercise bands. Had to fight the urge to back comb my hair and don a neon-coloured headband and matching G-string leotard. – Good mornings – Push ups – Sumo high pulls – Skipping Second Tabata In our building’s gym… very …

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WOD & Parenting Magazine

Finally hit the gym proper yesterday: Tabata: Deadlifts 40kg; Crunches 3kg medicine ball; Pull ups; KB swings 15kg. During my mild DOMS recovery, I was browsing through a popular parenting magazine I was given at a recent Baby & Toddler Expo (most definitely consumerism at its ugliest!) and was amused to see the following ads plastered …

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WOD 7 months after Caesarean Section Delivery & Teething Query

Well, we’re past the 7 month post-delivery mark and after a few hiccoughs (moving house, being sick, any and all things associated with having a kid), we’re getting back into the swing of things. Workout this morning: 7 rounds in 14:06 7 thrusters (8kg DB) 7 crunches (3kg medicine ball) 7 push ups 7 DB …

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Recent Workout & Common Tests Paediatricians Should Avoid…

The Workout Have been quite busy with the recent return to work, but managed to squeeze in a workout the other day: 1 1/4 front squats Strict shoulder press Sumo dead lift high pull Push press Burpees Because I forgot to log this the other day and my brain is still somewhat addled (I still …

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WOD Modified “Hard Cindy”

I haven’t exercised since Christmas Day (sigh…) so I was excited to hit the gym today: Modified “Hard Cindy” Complete as many rounds as possible in 20 minutes of: – 5 Pull-ups – 10 Push-ups with feet on 30″ box – 15 Squats holding a 10kg plate Managed 8 rounds. Every. Thing. Hurts.