WOD at nearly 4 months post-Caesarean section delivery

I can’t believe nearly 4 months has passed since bub was born. I feel so old saying that… or maybe I feel old because we were woken in the early hours by an explosive bowel opening (by the bub, not my hubbie or I… just to clarify!). As they say, better out than in… Yesterday: …

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WOD 11+4 weeks post Caesarean section delivery

Today’s workout: 1. Elliptical cross-trainer 10 mins, hill programme 2. WOD Five rounds for 12:50 – 5 pull ups (jumping start) – 10 back squats 40kg – 10 push ups – 10 single leg deadlifts each leg, 2kg medicine ball (Tried pull ups from hanging start and nearly ruptured my internal organs through my previous …

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WODs ~9 weeks post C-section delivery

I forgot to document my last couple of workouts, so here they are: WOD 4/10/2013 A. For time (2 min cap): 250m row 20 deadlifts 40kg – Only got to 17 deadlifts by 2 mins, finished 2:10 B. For time (3 min cap): 400m row 30 thrusters 15kg – Only got to 16 thrusters at 3 …

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Today’s gym workout: Cardio 10 mins elliptical cross trainer, resistance 8 10 mins rowing machine, resistance 10 10 mins upright stationary bike, resistance 12 Strength (3 cycles) 1. Assisted chins (overhand grip), 26kg assistance, 10 reps 2. Push ups (on toes), 10 reps 3. Legs Cycle 1: Squat, 20kg, 20 reps, fast Cycle 2: Lunges, …

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