Workouts @ 14 weeks post Caesarean section delivery

Workouts from the last 3 days: Day 1:  21-15-9 Round 1: Thrusters 20kg, Knees to chest Round 2: Deadlifts 40kg, Push ups Day 2: 21-15-9 Round 1: Split squats 10kg DB, Sit ups 3kg medicine ball Round 2: KB swings 12kg, Sumo high pulls 20kg, Push ups Day 3: 5km run The day 3 run was …

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WOD 13+4 days post Caesarean section delivery

We emerged this morning after a rough couple of days. Poor quality sleep, frequent awakenings, suboptimal feeding and rapid cycling laughing-crying. And that was just me. Slept a bit better last night so hightailed it down to the gym: 10 mins hill programme elliptical cross-trainer 5 rounds in 13:40 – 10 front squat 30kg – 10 push ups …

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WOD 11+4 weeks post Caesarean section delivery

Today’s workout: 1. Elliptical cross-trainer 10 mins, hill programme 2. WOD Five rounds for 12:50 – 5 pull ups (jumping start) – 10 back squats 40kg – 10 push ups – 10 single leg deadlifts each leg, 2kg medicine ball (Tried pull ups from hanging start and nearly ruptured my internal organs through my previous …

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Today’s gym workout: Cardio 10 mins elliptical cross trainer, resistance 8 10 mins rowing machine, resistance 10 10 mins upright stationary bike, resistance 12 Strength (3 cycles) 1. Assisted chins (overhand grip), 26kg assistance, 10 reps 2. Push ups (on toes), 10 reps 3. Legs Cycle 1: Squat, 20kg, 20 reps, fast Cycle 2: Lunges, …

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Benefits of cross-training (the list goes on…)

I didn’t feel like I’d covered the issue of cross-training enough, so here’s more! Apart from being used by us plebs, it’s commonly used by the military and sporting professionals. As you can see, the benefits associated with cross-training are numerous and varied: It helps with: 1. Injury prevention, with injuries more commonly due to …

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Benefits of cross-training

What are the benefits of mixing it up, or cross-training? In the previous example, I was splitting 30 mins cardio into 3 x 10 min sessions on different machines. Well, even without any scientific background, some thoughts come to mind: 1. The 30 mins goes by really quickly 2. It’s easier to work harder at …

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Mixing it up at the gym

Off to the gym today! Shamefully I admit that I haven’t been working out as much as I used to because (a) I had an irrational fear that the exercise would shake loose our little foetus, and (2) I keep hearing my obstetrician’s words thundering in my head… “for a woman of your age, in …

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