Workouts @ 23 weeks pregnancy

Quick post, about quick workouts: Day before yesterday: Tabata 6 rounds – 20kg thrusters – Decline push ups (I am open to any other push up-related options that prevent my belly from hitting the ground! Suggestions?) – (Very lame) pull ups – Walking lunges 20kg – Burpees (so far going ok, as long as when …

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Recent Workout & Common Tests Paediatricians Should Avoid…

The Workout Have been quite busy with the recent return to work, but managed to squeeze in a workout the other day: 1 1/4 front squats Strict shoulder press Sumo dead lift high pull Push press Burpees Because I forgot to log this the other day and my brain is still somewhat addled (I still …

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WOD… No equipment… 45 degrees…!

Nope. That’s not a typo. 45 degrees! (For you people who aren’t with the programme yet – ie. Still using Fahrenheit – that’s 113 degrees F). (Even the Atacama is only 25 degrees today…) We have moved interstate and are in a bit of moving-limbo. Expected. Despite the lack of equipment and heat I still …

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Workout 4 months post-Caesarean section delivery

4 rounds: 9 back squats 40kg 9 decline push ups 9 split squats 9 pull ups 5kg assist 9 burpees Didn’t time the workout because le child had a meltdown after rounds 2 and 4. I was secretly thankful that I could use the “pushing the stroller until he fell asleep” time as an opportunity …

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WOD at nearly 4 months post-Caesarean section delivery

I can’t believe nearly 4 months has passed since bub was born. I feel so old saying that… or maybe I feel old because we were woken in the early hours by an explosive bowel opening (by the bub, not my hubbie or I… just to clarify!). As they say, better out than in… Yesterday: …

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WODs/ Workouts 14+ weeks post Caesarean section delivery

Workouts for the last 3 days… Day before yesterday: 30-20-10 – DB snatches – Burpees Yesterday: 5 rounds for imaginary time (again forgot the timer!): – 8 front squats 20kg (man, they’re hard on your wrists) – 8 decline push ups – 8 split leg squats – 4 chin ups (unassisted baby!) – 8 knees …

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WODs ~9 weeks post C-section delivery

I forgot to document my last couple of workouts, so here they are: WOD 4/10/2013 A. For time (2 min cap): 250m row 20 deadlifts 40kg – Only got to 17 deadlifts by 2 mins, finished 2:10 B. For time (3 min cap): 400m row 30 thrusters 15kg – Only got to 16 thrusters at 3 …

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