Amazing news! Breastmilk contains plenty of nutrients

This is a real study. Researchers in Hong Kong have found that breastmilk is nutritious enough for babies. The first stage of the study found that breastmilk contains the recommended levels of docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) necessary for brain and vision development. Wong Man-sau, deputy director of Polytechnic University’s Food Safety and Technology Research Centre, which …

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Exercise & Breastfeeding

I was recently asked about whether exercising when breastfeeding would affect the quality and quantity of breast milk. Excellent question, and one I also had when I was exercising with bub #1 (currently just over 2 months post-partum with bub #2). 🙂 Unfortunately there are a lot of old wives’ tales out there – so …

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Study – Breastfeeding Delays Maternal Vascular Ageing

#breastfeeding #BreastfeedingIsAwesome #WorldBreastFeedingWeek #CarotidArteryDisease #BreastFeedingBenefits Breastfeeding (BF) just gets awesomer and awesomer. (Is ‘awesomer’ a word? As mother to a bun fresh from the oven – our daughter is 3 weeks old today – sleep deprivation makes it so I don’t really give a sh*t about grammar.) In addition to all the well-established benefits of …

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External Sources of Breastmilk

In modern times, breastfeeding (BF) is seen as something that a mother does for her own child. Historically however, other women have replaced mum as a provider of breastmilk (BM) in times of need (eg. mother absent, temporarily unable to feed, etc.). This can be via various means: 1. Wet nursing Breastfeeding by someone other …

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Cochrane review – Methods of milk expression for lactating women

The peeps at Cochrane have just released an updated review looking at the optimal methods of milk expression for lactating women. This updated review includes “34 randomised controlled studies involving 1998 participants, with 17 trials involving 961 participants providing data for analysis. Studies included the mothers of infants in neonatal units in the USA, UK, …

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Birth Spacing… (Oh Yeah, We’re Pregnant Again.)

Yes, you read correctly, baby #2 is on the way… I have to say “baby #2”, rather than just “#2” because otherwise I keep having “WHO DOES NUMBER 2 WORK FOR?” on repeat in my brain. Sigh. So our boy was born Aug 2013, and baby #2 is due late July 2015. Yep, your maths …

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