Exercise in Pregnancy… I Give Up.

So I started this blog back in December 2012 when I was (just) pregnant with bub #1. It came from a place of extreme annoyance and frustration with healthcare providers and their mindless mantra of “no exercise during pregnancy”. I felt SURELY this advice was bullshit? And even if it wasn’t, could I break the rules? …

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Glucose tolerance test @ 27 weeks pregnancy

I am sitting in the waiting room for my fasting oral glucose tolerance test. Seriously which fool thought up a lab test that requires pregnant women to fast. (Probably the same fool who thought to screen for breast cancer by using a painful boob clamp… They’d soon change their tune if testicular cancer was diagnosed …

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Study – Umbilical cord milking & neonatal outcomes

For many years now, the standard care during the delivery of the placenta has been to clamp the cord immediately at birth and just follow the regular umbilical cord care tips. There are increasing amounts of literature supporting delayed cord clamping as a method for improving neonatal outcomes. This delay can be anywhere from: Delayed …

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20 week scan… and a protective father

So we had our 20 week scan – all looking good. Indeed it was marred only by my husband being weirded out when the radiologist said “vagina”. “That’s my daughter he’s talking about.” I sense trouble ahead…


Birth Spacing… (Oh Yeah, We’re Pregnant Again.)

Yes, you read correctly, baby #2 is on the way… I have to say “baby #2”, rather than just “#2” because otherwise I keep having “WHO DOES NUMBER 2 WORK FOR?” on repeat in my brain. Sigh. So our boy was born Aug 2013, and baby #2 is due late July 2015. Yep, your maths …

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How your C-section affects your baby’s immune system

Yeah, people don’t talk about this topic much. Whether to C-section or not is such a polarising topic (along with breast-feeding, introducing solids, smacking, and whether it’s OK as a parent to drug yourself with Valium on a long-haul flight so that you sleep for the whole flight while your five kids run riot.)  OK, that last …

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“Strength Training During Pregnancy”. Apparently.

OK, I originally started this blog because I was quite dissatisfied (read: pissed off) with the available information out there regarding exercise in pregnancy. It was both a lack and inaccuracy of good information. Over the past two years I thought the evidence was getting a bit better, with less focus on ‘taking it easy when …

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Study – Pregnancy increases the risk of a traffic crash

A Canadian study has found that pregnant women drivers are three times more likely to be involved in a serious crash where they end up in the emergency department.  Suggested reasons: nausea, fatigue, insomnia, distraction. Current Australian antenatal guidelines do not specifically address driving or road traffic accidents. According to an article on Organic Gender, …

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Going Nuts For Nuts

When I was pregnant I ate a lot of nuts – daily peanut butter on crackers or bread, 1kg of pistachios in one sitting… (for some reason it didn’t seem excessive at the time). Anyway, I got a lot of “you-shouldn’t-be-eating-nuts-dangerous-for-baby-raised-eyebrow-disapproving-looks” – it seems there’s a common belief out there that you shouldn’t eat nuts …

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Christmas Day Workout & Study on Infant Feeding and Maternal Mortality

Hope everyone had a lovely Christmas! I totally forgot to post our Christmas Day workout… hubbie and I went down to the local kiddies playground and did: Tabata (5 rounds) – Jump squats – Decline push ups – Pull ups – TTB (in my case, knees to chest) A lady and her kids came down …

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