Happy One Month Baby Girl!

Baby girl is 1 month old today – we celebrated with a pink, frilly, Hello Kitty party for her and all her little friends. Gluten, dairy and nut free of course. HA! Her 1 month old birthday gift (as is every gift from hereon in) is having such awesome parents/ older brother…. And we celebrated by …

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Workout 3+ Weeks Post-Delivery

OK, I originally started this blog to document my experience and review the evidence regarding exercise in pregnancy. Two pregnancies down… But sadly my workout frequencies are down too… Sigh. 🙁 ANYWAY, hit the gym today – first proper workout since arrival of the girl! (Don’t laugh at my weights – or lack thereof!) TABATA …

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We survived the meningococcal B vaccine, yay!

In my previous post about meningococcal B vaccine (Bexsero) I said I’d be giving the vaccine to our boy and would report back. Here’s my report: nothing* * Apart from a slightly angry-looking injection site. Phew.


WOD Modified “Hard Cindy”

I haven’t exercised since Christmas Day (sigh…) so I was excited to hit the gym today: Modified “Hard Cindy” Complete as many rounds as possible in 20 minutes of: – 5 Pull-ups – 10 Push-ups with feet on 30″ box – 15 Squats holding a 10kg plate Managed 8 rounds. Every. Thing. Hurts.


Workouts 4 months+ post Caesarean section delivery

Yesterday: Tabata (6 rounds) – 40kg deadlifts – Bike – Pull ups – Burpees – 12kg DB snatch – Crunches (plank) (If you’re thinking ‘what is Tabata training‘, check out my previous post.) Today: Top of 31 degrees today and 60% humidity – finally, some hot and humid weather… reminiscent of Hong Kong, without the …

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Workout 4 months post-Caesarean section delivery

4 rounds: 9 back squats 40kg 9 decline push ups 9 split squats 9 pull ups 5kg assist 9 burpees Didn’t time the workout because le child had a meltdown after rounds 2 and 4. I was secretly thankful that I could use the “pushing the stroller until he fell asleep” time as an opportunity …

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WOD at 3 months and 29 days post-Caesarean section delivery

Ah, approaching the 4 month mark. Everything they say is true – bub becomes a little more settled, starts babbling nonsense (but still makes more sense than the lady at Centrelink when I was sorting out my paid parental leave) and things become more fun. Yes fun, motherhood seems to be promoted as this martyred-fall-on-your-sword-give-up-your-life-and-pelvic-floor-no-more-alcohol-only-tummy-time-shit-I-forgot-enrollment-in-elite-drastically-overpriced-school-when-he-was-an-embryo-now-too-late-argh! …

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WOD at nearly 4 months post-Caesarean section delivery

I can’t believe nearly 4 months has passed since bub was born. I feel so old saying that… or maybe I feel old because we were woken in the early hours by an explosive bowel opening (by the bub, not my hubbie or I… just to clarify!). As they say, better out than in… Yesterday: …

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How to workout 15+ weeks post-Caesarean section delivery…

Step 1: after a few days of rest, proceed to the gym with a gung ho attitude and do the following workout in record time: 5 rounds: 8 back squats 8 pull ups 1 leg assist 8 deadlifts 40kg 8 push ups 8 knees to chest Step 2: (later that afternoon) feel fabulous. Step 3: …

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Swaddling & hip dysplasia

There has been a bit in the news lately about infant swaddling, particularly with relation to abnormal infant hip development (in medicine speak:  developmental dysplasia of the hip – DDH). The act of infant swaddling has been around for a loooong time, some say up to 5000 years.   In the West, swaddling was thought to …

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