Dad’s Act of Kindness

So apparently this (white) father helped settle someone’s crying (non-white) baby on domestic US flight so that mum could get some rest… And now he’s a hero. Ok, it’s nice he helped but seriously is it that big a deal? 1. Fathers always get awards for doing stuff that mums do all the time. Dude, …

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The things kids don’t know about their mothers

I read this lovey-dovey article the other day, speaking about the “things that kids don’t know about their mothers.” Post-delivery I would have been so (with delicate sobbing) “Oh this article is so speaking to me PERSONALLY”. Because you are the only woman to have given birth, ever. You are special, blessed. The baby is …

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When Nature Fails…

Geez, if only Mother Nature had provided a portable, environmentally friendly, easy access form of packaging for fruit and veg… Lucky for the world we have us humans to think up smart solutions.            


Totally Realistic Parenting Photos



Sickness, Sadness & Stupid Songs

So last week was a tough week (in a first-world problem kind of way)… A dear relative passed away (R.I.P) I started back at work 6-month-old baby girl started daycare and acquired the requisite pestilence in the form of roseola (40 deg temps, hello?) Baby girl decided that roseola was not hard-arse enough… so she …

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Is it OK for parents to…

… clean their kid’s poo-covered bum in the hand-basin of the parents room? OK, so we’re in the parent’s room of your standard shopping centre. A Dad and ? Grandfather are between them washing the crap-covered bum of a (looks like) 1-year-old in the hand-washing basin. Shit is everywhere in the basin. It’s not your …

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Christmas with Young Children: Tip #1

Instead of wasting time queueing for photos with Santa, be honest and tell your kids that #SantaDoesntExist. Then you can avoid this: And this: Educate them on other truths while you’re at it: Son (eating bacon) “Oooh, what’s this?” Husband “Peppa Pig.” BUT just be careful who you’re being truthful with. A mum in the …

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The DSM-V Diagnoses of Toddlerhood

I was TRYING to read an interesting paper on psychiatric comorbidities but our toddler had other ideas. We considered just letting him be, but we do eventually want to get our bond back. Parents the world over are united in their description of toddler behaviour… “Nut job, lunatic, crazy person, psycho, delusional, insane…” It turns …

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AHPRA – New Rules for Doctors Undergoing Routine Drug Monitoring

Under new rules from AHPRA (Australia’s Medical Board), doctors undergoing routine drug monitoring are now required to keep their hair at least 4cm long. This comes after a Canberra-based anaesthetist, who liked to partake in un petit peu de leftover fentanyl from surgical patients he’d anaesthetised, was unable to undergo a drug test as he’d …

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Students react to being called “beautiful”

A student at her performing arts high school in Chicago filmed student reactions when they were told they were beautiful. The result is amazing, and a little sad. Sad that some of them have such trouble believing that someone would find them beautiful.