Study: Gender Differences in the Presentation of Hand-Foot-and-Mouth Disease

Gender differences in the presentation of hand-foot-mouth disease (HFMD) in children.  Journal of Mothers at Home with Ill Children (End My Misery). 2017 Mar. (Original). Abstract BACKGROUND: Gender differences in illness presentation are well-known (for instance the man-flu experienced by males vs. the suck-it-up-and-get-on-with-life-flu experienced by females).  With this study the author explored whether this …

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Rats, Pants & Sex

Definitely three words that shouldn’t all be in the same sentence. I cannot believe I missed this momentous article – a study out of Cairo has looked at the effect of different pant textiles on rat sexual activity. Yep. Straight to the conclusion – at 6 and 12 months of wearing polyester and polyester-cotton mix pants, …

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Updated SIDS Guidelines

The American Academy of Pediatrics Task Force on Sudden Infant Death Syndrome has updated its recommendations.  You can read the full article here – there is nothing really earth-shatteringly different compared with previous guidelines: 1. Put infants to sleep in a supine position, on a firm surface – ie. Not face-down in fluffy pillows. 2. Avoid …

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Would you exercise (more) if someone paid you to?

Inactivity… It’s a major issue The WHO lists physical inactivity as a global public health problem. In some regions (namely the Americas & Eastern Mediterranean regions), 50% of the population are classified as sedentary. To combat this problem, and to (literally) decrease the associated morbidity and mortality, people are trying to find ways to get …

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Does reading on your device at night really mess with your sleep?

Light… The giver of life. Yes, absolutely mostly true. Especially if the sun / God / plants are involved. As with most things however, humans tend to screw it up… Light affects physiology and behaviour in humans both indirectly through clock synchronization and circadian rhythms, and directly through the promotion of alertness, with the help …

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Dad’s Act of Kindness

So apparently this (white) father helped settle someone’s crying (non-white) baby on domestic US flight so that mum could get some rest… And now he’s a hero. Ok, it’s nice he helped but seriously is it that big a deal? 1. Fathers always get awards for doing stuff that mums do all the time. Dude, …

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Exercise in Pregnancy… I Give Up.

So I started this blog back in December 2012 when I was (just) pregnant with bub #1. It came from a place of extreme annoyance and frustration with healthcare providers and their mindless mantra of “no exercise during pregnancy”. I felt SURELY this advice was bullshit? And even if it wasn’t, could I break the rules? …

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Unhealthy Australia

Australia’s Health Tracker report was released last week by the AHPC (Australian Health Policy Collaboration, Victoria University). The findings are horrifying.  Australia – this is you: Obesity:  28% adults / 30% school-age.  A THIRD OF YOUR KIDS ARE OBESE. Sedentary lifestyle:  45% adults / 70% primary schoolers / 91% in high schoolers. LESS THAN 10% …

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Selling stuff online

​Sometimes selling stuff online is not worth the trouble. (This story is 100% true.) Item: (cheap arse) toddler monkey suit costume.  Advert with pictures:  toddler monkey suit, fits age 1-2yo, new, unopened with tags, never worn, in original packaging. Appearance/ colours as per photos. Available for pick up only from XXX address. Price: $5 Questions.. …

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The things kids don’t know about their mothers

I read this lovey-dovey article the other day, speaking about the “things that kids don’t know about their mothers.” Post-delivery I would have been so (with delicate sobbing) “Oh this article is so speaking to me PERSONALLY”. Because you are the only woman to have given birth, ever. You are special, blessed. The baby is …

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