Dad’s Act of Kindness

So apparently this (white) father helped settle someone’s crying (non-white) baby on domestic US flight so that mum could get some rest… And now he’s a hero.


Ok, it’s nice he helped but seriously is it that big a deal?

1. Fathers always get awards for doing stuff that mums do all the time. Dude, mums and dads are both PARENTS. Settling babies, donning HAZMAT to clear bionuclear bum emissions, singing mind-numbing nursery rhymes a million times (because let’s face it, sometimes you think that perhaps stabbing yourself in the eye with a fork would be less painful), it all comes with the territory. And Dads guess what?  You were already spared from carrying/ birthing the child, managed to avoid those terrible food binges where your damn hormones FORCED you to eat the whole carrot cake, AND your nipples are intact.  So really you should be doing even more work to even up the playing field.

It’s like when someone says to you “So is Daddy babysitting tonight?”
“No fool. He’s PARENTING tonight.”

It’s his job and he gets paid not with cash, with the intrinsic reward that comes with putting two nut job kids under 3 to bed and making the mother of his children happy (or at least making her less likely to stab him in his sleep).

2. Who gives a shit what colour the father/ mother / baby were? Was this guy calculating the extra Good Samaritan points he’d get for helping someone outside of his race group? Er, no.  (Or maybe, let’s face it, he didn’t want to help that white trash mother on the same flight – after all crack is wack).  I’m sure he didn’t care about their colour so why does the media? We’ll headline”We want racial equality / We don’t want to talk about race / We’re all the same race” but we’ll still make a big deal about it when Rhett helps Mammy.

Frankly my dear I don’t give a damn, so just Let It Go (like how I did that? Boom! And yes, sing the song. SING THE SONG.  Share my pain).

3. This guy knew FO SHO that he and the other passengers were in for a noisy journey with the screaming baby so he was like “Screw it, I’ll just take matters into my own hands” providing peace for mum, baby, himself, and the other passengers. So he’s smart, but this wasn’t an altruistic act; it was purely selfish. Because apparently men don’t deal well with high-pitched noises; it interferes with their selective hearing.

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