Unhealthy Australia

Australia’s Health Tracker report was released last week by the AHPC (Australian Health Policy Collaboration, Victoria University).

The findings are horrifying.  Australia – this is you:

  • Obesity:  28% adults / 30% school-age.  A THIRD OF YOUR KIDS ARE OBESE.
  • Sedentary lifestyle:  45% adults / 70% primary schoolers / 91% in high schoolers. LESS THAN 10% OF YOUR HIGH-SCHOOLERS ARE ACTIVE ENOUGH.
  • Excessive sugar intake:  20% adults / >70% kids.  BECAUSE WHY WOULDN’T YOU GIVE THEM STUFF TO MAKE THEM CRAZIER THAN THEY ALREADY ARE.

Thankfully smoking and excessive alcohol intake is on the decrease, but nevertheless…

  • Over 50% AUSTRALIANS HAVE CHRONIC DISEASE – eg. Cardiovascular disease, cancer, diabetes;
  • Of which ONE-THIRD IS PREVENTABLE – by controlling risk factors like smoking, obesity, alcohol misuse, physical inactivity, high blood pressure, and
  • Amazingly, this can be done using ONLY 1.5% OF CURRENT HEALTHCARE SPENDING.

You’d think these statistics would be in the news right? Sadly no.

We prefer to headline politics, fuel racial/ religious/ Indigenous tensions, and feature the Spanish matador* gored to death by a bull.

If your job is “killer of bulls” then sadly having a bull kill you doesn’t make it news; it makes it karma.

Read the full report here (the health report that is… Not matador report, which you can read here).

Australia’s Health Tracker 2016.

* Spanish, from matar (to kill), from Vulgar Latin mattāre (to beat senseless), from Latin mattus (stupefied)

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