Selling stuff online

​Sometimes selling stuff online is not worth the trouble.

(This story is 100% true.)

Item: (cheap arse) toddler monkey suit costume. 

Advert with pictures:  toddler monkey suit, fits age 1-2yo, new, unopened with tags, never worn, in original packaging. Appearance/ colours as per photos. Available for pick up only from XXX address. Price: $5

Questions.. All from the same potential buyer
(My responses italics in brackets)

What size child does the costume fit?
(Fits an average toddler from 1-2yo)
Is that US or international sizing?

How does the costume feel when on?
(As per ad, it is new unopened and never worn)
Is it scratchy when worn?

Can you post it?
(As per ad, pick up only from XXX address)
Can you bring it to YYY address?

Can I pick it up today at 1.15pm?
(Yes you can)
(At 1.45pm – Are you picking it up today? You said 1.15pm?)
From your last response I wasn’t sure if you meant yes. I’ll be there in 15 minutes.

What does it look like?
(As per pictures)
Are the pictures representative of actual appearance?

One last question – is it flammable?
(Only if you set fire to your child while they’re wearing it)
So is it?

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