Exercise in Pregnancy… I Give Up.

So I started this blog back in December 2012 when I was (just) pregnant with bub #1. It came from a place of extreme annoyance and frustration with healthcare providers and their mindless mantra of “no exercise during pregnancy”. I felt SURELY this advice was bullshit? And even if it wasn’t, could I break the rules? …

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Unhealthy Australia

Australia’s Health Tracker report was released last week by the AHPC (Australian Health Policy Collaboration, Victoria University). The findings are horrifying.  Australia – this is you: Obesity:  28% adults / 30% school-age.  A THIRD OF YOUR KIDS ARE OBESE. Sedentary lifestyle:  45% adults / 70% primary schoolers / 91% in high schoolers. LESS THAN 10% …

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Selling stuff online

​Sometimes selling stuff online is not worth the trouble. (This story is 100% true.) Item: (cheap arse) toddler monkey suit costume.  Advert with pictures:  toddler monkey suit, fits age 1-2yo, new, unopened with tags, never worn, in original packaging. Appearance/ colours as per photos. Available for pick up only from XXX address. Price: $5 Questions.. …

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