When Nature Fails…

Geez, if only Mother Nature had provided a portable, environmentally friendly, easy access form of packaging for fruit and veg…

Lucky for the world we have us humans to think up smart solutions.



Can you hear the bananas singing? “I’m so ronery.”



Thanks Sainsbury’s not only for the ‘healthier lunchbox’ but also the healthier planet, haha JOKING. Nice that you put a picture on the packet of a whole apple though. Just in case we didn’t know.



I think that actually says “Sealed for freshness”. This is what happens when the dang banana skin just doesn’t do its job properly.


Ooh Melissa… Not just pre-packaged and pre-peeled but pre-cooked as well. The only thing that would make this better would be if you could pre-digest it for me as well, and then vomit it into my mouth. YUMMY!



I know… It does look like a bunch of dicks. Just like the guys that thought this up.



Mr Orange has peel to keep him fresh. Mr Orange is peeled. Mr Orange is put in plastic container to keep him fresh. Mr Orange is confused and feels there’s something wrong. Mr Orange speaks to Mr Supermarket about his fears. Mr Orange is eaten… A message to all the other oranges.


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