Doctors & Coffee

Coffee. I never used to drink it. I even made it through medical training without it.
Everything changed when I had children. It is no longer simply known as coffee.

It is “God’s sweet nectar of life.”


So. True.

I’ve previously blogged about my love for coffee, and also the effects of caffeine during pregnancy and breast-feeding. Yes, I drank coffee throughout both my pregnancies. Both my kids are fine. Apart from that occasional weird twitch thing. I just slap it out of them.

Anyway, back to doctors… Someone actually looked at which doctors drink the most coffee per year. I would have guessed some type of surgeon (long hours, physical endurance) or psychiatrists (the poor things have to stay awake listening to someone ruminating about their ruminations).

Definitely not paediatricians… Apparently caffeine can help your hearing… Definitely NOT what you want around crying kids. In fact, you would pay big bucks to have someone painlessly remove all your auditory cells.
Definitely not plastics or ophthalmology.  Caffeine can also cause shaky hands… Oops, sorry about your nose / face / complicated flap / eyeball.
Definitely not gynaecology. Unless of course you’re THAT kinda girl.


Turns out that orthopaedic surgeons drink the most (in this particular study, 189 cups per person per year). Anaesthetists drink the least (39 cups). (Er, both these amounts seem inappropriately low don’t you think?)

The authors conclude that either (1) These specialties work-play-drink hard OR (2) They have nothing to do so they’re always hanging around the hospital canteen…

I know what I think… 😉

BMJ 2015;351:h6446

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