Is it OK for parents to…

… clean their kid’s poo-covered bum in the hand-basin of the parents room?

OK, so we’re in the parent’s room of your standard shopping centre. A Dad and ? Grandfather are between them washing the crap-covered bum of a (looks like) 1-year-old in the hand-washing basin. Shit is everywhere in the basin. It’s not your regular clean. Quite honestly it’s like they’re giving the kid’s bum a spa treatment.

Call me crazy, but I figured that the hand washing basin was for, you know, HAND WASHING…

Maybe the poor parents don’t have wipes?

I offer wipes. Offer of wipes rejected (“We have wipes.”)

OK, this bugs me. Surely shitty nappies and bums are for the ‘shitty nappy and bum’ section and the hand-basin is for the washing of hands after dealing with the aforementioned shitty nappy and bum.


I know you’re probably thinking (eyeroll) ‘First World Problems’ but NO!.. The separation of faeces from water and clean areas is but a single part of the difference between developed and developing nations.

Am I being ridiculous? Too OC? Or were they justified in what they were doing?


Speaking of Justified…

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