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Doctors & Coffee

Coffee. I never used to drink it. I even made it through medical training without it. Everything changed when I had children. It is no longer simply known as coffee. It is “God’s sweet nectar of life.” I’ve previously blogged about my love for coffee, and also the effects of caffeine during pregnancy and breast-feeding. …

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GM-mosquitoes to fight Zika (WHO)

The WHO is looking to release genetically-modified mosquitoes in an attempt to halt the spread of the Zika virus. What a great initiative!  I mean, when has the introduction of a foreign species EVER gone wrong?


Sickness, Sadness & Stupid Songs

So last week was a tough week (in a first-world problem kind of way)… A dear relative passed away (R.I.P) I started back at work 6-month-old baby girl started daycare and acquired the requisite pestilence in the form of roseola (40 deg temps, hello?) Baby girl decided that roseola was not hard-arse enough… so she …

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Is it OK for parents to…

… clean their kid’s poo-covered bum in the hand-basin of the parents room? OK, so we’re in the parent’s room of your standard shopping centre. A Dad and ? Grandfather are between them washing the crap-covered bum of a (looks like) 1-year-old in the hand-washing basin. Shit is everywhere in the basin. It’s not your …

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