Airline Travel With Kids: Surprise #2

Last post I shared the awesome “hold your baby in your arms during take off and landing” policy of most North American Airlines…

Now it’s time to share surprise #2:

2. Cathay Pacific’s kids meals are disgusting.

Hate to actually name and shame but seriously Cathay what are you playing at?

We’ve never ordered a kids meal before – we usually bring food, or the kids share the ‘delicious’ airline fare that we’re eating.

Here is a pic of our 2 year old’s meal. Apologies for the poor photo quality… Was trying to be considerate of other passengers and all that.


In case it’s not clear the contents are:

1. Pocky: processed sweet and salty sticks, these ones covered in sugary strawberry flavoured icing
2. Mac n Cheese so gross a starving labrador wouldn’t eat it
3. Peas
4. Battered fried mini franks
5. Sweet white pudding (I tasted it and couldn’t even guess at the ingredients)
6. Sugary chocolate chip bar so lacking in nutrition it can’t even pretend to be a pseudo-museli-bar
7. Massive carton of fruit juice (not in the pic)

Revolting.  Our boy valiantly ate some peas and refused to touch the rest.

Very politely asked the crew for a leftover adult meal. Too bad… Apparently not a single one left. The crew informed us that only snacks available to us were (1) Flavoured crisps (2) Instant cup noodles (3) An apple.

Cathay, you’ve disappointed me. You used to be one of the best carriers and now your quality is waaaay down…

AND whoever your meal planner/ chef/ nutritionist is should be fired.

No. Not fired. They should be made to eat the kids meal while we watch them slowly die from excessive E-number additive exposure.

You need to up your game. Small domestic carriers in Australia and elsewhere have the nation’s best chefs designing their airline menus. You clearly have a single male college student designing yours.*

* Blanket statement/ gross generalisation. I know it’s not entirely true… A lot of uni boys wouldn’t think to include peas.

PS: Cathay’s kiddie breakfast: juice, sweetened dried fruit, jam sandwiches, fruit jelly (because you know why the hell give fruit jelly when you could be crazeballs and give, I dunno, ACTUAL FRUIT?!). Well, at least we were not disappointed with our new travel blanket – the best one in the whole Universe according to Landofthetraveler.

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