Abandoned baby. Apparently.

OK. Still 6 months post baby #2. This 6 month mark feels like it’s been going for a really… long… time… Sick of jogging. Sick of gym. Sick of Tabata. Feeling crap and unmotivated. I know. Boo hoo. Poor me. So today… Slapped myself around the face (“MAN UP!”) then went and did some hill …

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Does TENS Reduce Labour Pain?

Did you use TENS during your labour? Or perhaps you know someone who did? Did you/they find it effective? (In case you didn’t know, TENS – Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation – is the use of electric current produced by a device to stimulate the nerves for therapeutic purposes – eg. Pain relief). (Pic tenscare.co.uk) A …

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Diet Affects Sleep… And Sleep Affects Diet

A recent study in the Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine has found an effect of diet on sleep. The researchers studied the diet and sleep patterns of 26 healthy adults and found that: Sleep duration did not change with diet type, however Improved sleep quality was associated with a diet higher in fibre, lower in …

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Airline Travel With Kids: Surprise #2

Last post I shared the awesome “hold your baby in your arms during take off and landing” policy of most North American Airlines… Now it’s time to share surprise #2: 2. Cathay Pacific’s kids meals are disgusting. Hate to actually name and shame but seriously Cathay what are you playing at? We’ve never ordered a …

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Air Travel With Kids: Surprise #1

We’re fortunate to be fairly well-travelled, both pre- and post-kids, so we we were surprised to learn two new things this week re: travelling with kids: 1. There are no infant seat belts on most Canadian/ US carriers We (hubbie, myself, 2 year old, 5 month old) boarded an airline in Canada, received our ‘travelling …

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Infant Exposure Might Limit Later Peanut Allergies

I blogged nearly 1 year ago about how early peanut exposure reduces risk of peanut allergy and FINALLY the authorities have caught up with Dr Nat… 😉 Allergies are on the rise in Westernised countries so back in year 2000 the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) advised delaying the introduction of allergenic foods (such as …

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