Prescription of Psychiatric Meds On The Rise In The Under 2s

Jokes aside about how nuts toddlers are (see my previous post about the DSM-V diagnoses of toddlers), I was horrified to read about the rise in anti-psychotic and anti-depressant use in children under the age of two years…

ESPECIALLY as it seems the medication has in some cases been given for behaviour that is either typical (or only slightly atypical) of children of that age group – eg. Temper tantrums.

There’s a real trend of increasing psychiatric ‘diagnoses’ and medication prescription in children.

A kid can’t sit still at the dinner table and BAM! the parents ship ’em off for a diagnosis of ADHD and a lifetime of Ritalin.

I get that some kids don’t conform to society’s expectations of what a kid should be, and that some parents are having a tough time, but surely this isn’t the answer.

Very sad, and very scary.

Check out the @nytimes article here.


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