More Parenting Fails…

At the time of writing this post it is sunny and 40ºC. Just took our girl for a run. Actually it is cooler running compared with doing nothing (I heart you sweat) but still dang hot! During the run, saw two epic parenting fails: 1. Little girl in a long-sleeved, long-bodied 1000% polyester frilly fluffy dress …

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Prescription of Psychiatric Meds On The Rise In The Under 2s

Jokes aside about how nuts toddlers are (see my previous post about the DSM-V diagnoses of toddlers), I was horrified to read about the rise in anti-psychotic and anti-depressant use in children under the age of two years… ESPECIALLY as it seems the medication has in some cases been given for behaviour that is either typical (or …

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Christmas with Young Children: Tip #1

Instead of wasting time queueing for photos with Santa, be honest and tell your kids that #SantaDoesntExist. Then you can avoid this: And this: Educate them on other truths while you’re at it: Son (eating bacon) “Oooh, what’s this?” Husband “Peppa Pig.” BUT just be careful who you’re being truthful with. A mum in the …

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The DSM-V Diagnoses of Toddlerhood

I was TRYING to read an interesting paper on psychiatric comorbidities but our toddler had other ideas. We considered just letting him be, but we do eventually want to get our bond back. Parents the world over are united in their description of toddler behaviour… “Nut job, lunatic, crazy person, psycho, delusional, insane…” It turns …

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Case Study – Chronic Ayurvedic Medicine Causing Foetal Abnormalities & Newborn Death

The MJA describes a tragic case where chronic Ayurvedic medicine use caused major foetal congenital abnormalities, eventually resulting in neonatal death aged 2 days. Analysis of the medicine (which had been prescribed to the pregnant patient in India and self-imported to Australia) showed 47% lead content, 2% mercury content, and <0.01% arsenic content. A sad reminder …

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Amazing news! Breastmilk contains plenty of nutrients

This is a real study. Researchers in Hong Kong have found that breastmilk is nutritious enough for babies. The first stage of the study found that breastmilk contains the recommended levels of docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) necessary for brain and vision development. Wong Man-sau, deputy director of Polytechnic University’s Food Safety and Technology Research Centre, which …

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AHPRA – New Rules for Doctors Undergoing Routine Drug Monitoring

Under new rules from AHPRA (Australia’s Medical Board), doctors undergoing routine drug monitoring are now required to keep their hair at least 4cm long. This comes after a Canberra-based anaesthetist, who liked to partake in un petit peu de leftover fentanyl from surgical patients he’d anaesthetised, was unable to undergo a drug test as he’d …

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Students react to being called “beautiful”

A student at her performing arts high school in Chicago filmed student reactions when they were told they were beautiful. The result is amazing, and a little sad. Sad that some of them have such trouble believing that someone would find them beautiful.


Medical News Snippets

Some snippets from last week’s medical news: Traditional crib bumpers should be banned: US data has shown bumper suffocation cases to be on the rise (48 cases from 1985-2012, 90% were ≤7 months). I know, low numbers compared with car accidents but no-one wants to take on the issue of infant death. The risk MAY …

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Our First Wiggles Show

Our 2-year-old boy and I just had our first Wiggles concert experience. To be honest I was kind of excited to offload our 4-month-old baby girl (aka “The Barracuda”) and have some quality mother-son time. We get stopped on the road outside our home by a lady “Is there a kiddie event on today?” Me “Yes, …

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