How To Parent Boys… Apparently

I’ve started reading that best-selling book on parenting boys (yes THAT one). I’m only a few chapters in, but already there are some statements so profound they need to be shared:

“We have to give boys plenty of chance to exercise – girls too if they want it.”
Oh please, may I? I promise it won’t take time away from my needlepoint and basket weaving.

“Boys are mutated girls!”
Um, OK?

“A male is a female with optional extras. That’s why everyone has nipples.”
CANNOT stop laughing.

“You are safer with a structure – even a mafia-like structure – than with none.”
I’m sure people paying protection money would disagree.

“Stress and loneliness lower your testosterone: they lead to more estrogen being produced so you can cope like a woman!”
Seriously, no words. Help me out here with a suitable response.


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