The Darwin “Medical Misconduct” Awards

Smart people do stupid things but these (true) cases of medical professional misconduct make me think that we healthcare professionals deserve our own category in the Darwin Awards

  • A male doctor treating his metastatic ca rectum patient with IV injections of Vitamin C and mistletoe over 70 occasions, for the bargain price of $20,000;
  • A male doctor prescribing drugs of dependence to persons with known addiction issues;
  • A male doctor giving free consultations to his own receptionist, prescribing her psychotropic drugs, then having sex with her;
  • A male doctor (GP) clearing his patient as fit to drive (despite several neurologist reports to the contrary). Patient drives, has an accident, kills a pedestrian;
  • A male nurse who has a sexual relationship with a psychiatric inpatient, which continues post-discharge, before he’s reported to the Board.  Responds by engaging in sexual misconduct with a second patient;
  • A male nurse engaging in sexual misconduct with three separate female inpatients in a mental health facility;
  • A male doctor prescribing drugs of dependence with no records. For himself.

It’s not just doctors and nurses, allied health have their share too…

  • A male dentist who administered sedation without training and without patient consent, then allowed the patient to leave the clinic still sedated. A paediatric patient;
  • A male physiotherapist who engaged in sexual relations with a woman he was treating for neck pain;
  • A female Chinese medicine practitioner who failed to label her herbs properly.

Silly lady. Thinking she could get away with unlabelled herbs.

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