Running HIIT-style @ 2+ months post-delivery

Even for someone who loves running there are days when running 5km or more can be a little ‘meh’.

Yesterday I mixed it up a bit and took our baby girl for a run with interval sprints (essentially high intensity interval training – HIIT).

30 second sprint, 2 minute jog, repeat for total distance of 6km.

Sounds easy enough but I was knackered.

Safety note: I’d recommend being very comfortable running with your stroller before doing this / and don’t do any sprints around corners due to the risk of the stroller toppling over (this is true ESPECIALLY if you’re using a baby capsule attached to the stroller as it will be top heavy).

1. Run was over much faster!
2. Got much more of a workout, but in a way it was easier as I only had to concentrate for the intervals.
3. All the other benefits associated with HIIT (these have been discussed to death on the internet – check out ACSM’s guidelines on HIIT for a good overview) – in particular an attractive benefit is the continued calorie/fat burn AFTER you’ve finished exercise (EPOC – excess post exercise oxygen consumption).

Swap around your sprint:rest ratio to suit your fitness level – most people with an ‘already OK’ level of fitness are doing anywhere from 1:1 to 1:4.

So give HIIT a try if you’re not already doing it – and feedback how you’re finding it if you already are! And yes CrossFitters and the best home cross trainer fans, I know you already are… 🙂


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