The Darwin “Medical Misconduct” Awards

Smart people do stupid things but these (true) cases of medical professional misconduct make me think that we healthcare professionals deserve our own category in the Darwin Awards… A male doctor treating his metastatic ca rectum patient with IV injections of Vitamin C and mistletoe over 70 occasions, for the bargain price of $20,000; A male doctor …

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Cochrane – Pushing/bearing down methods for the second stage of labour

I was really interested to read a recent study from Cochrane which discussed (what I thought would be) the best positions for the 2nd stage of labour… All-fours? Standing? Squatting? Crouching-tiger-hidden-dragon? Well, the paper wasn’t talking about positions for birthing; it was talking about timing of pushing vs. maternal and neonatal outcomes. Oh well, still …

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A Day in the Life of a Toddler

05:20hrs Ah, I wake refreshed after my 9-hour sleep. I love sleeping with Mum and Dad… Dad’s neck as my pillow, and Mum’s face as my footrest, this is the life. Despite my being wide awake, neither of the big people have gotten up yet to get me a snack or drink or just to …

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Study – Wine Improves Cardiometabolic Risk in Diabetics

Yes you read that right! (Yay for wine.) A two-year study looked at 224 patients and divided them into one of three groups: red wine, white wine, water (each 150ml daily, paired with a healthy diet). They found that: The red wine group had improved cardiometabolic risk compared with the water group; The white wine …

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Cochrane: Midwife-led care offers better outcomes for most pregnancies

A recent Cochrane review with 15 studies involving 17,674 women found that midwife-led care: Had no adverse effects compared with doctor-led care; Resulted in fewer epidurals, episiotomies or instrumental births; Resulted in fewer preterm births, loss of baby before 24 weeks’ gestation, and overall loss of baby; Resulted in increased patient (mother) satisfaction. It concludes that most …

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Study – Time Outdoors & Myopia

This study looked at whether increasing time spent outdoors would have an effect on the development of myopia (shortsightedness) in Chinese primary school children. Yes I know… the stereotype of Asian kids with thick glasses. I’m only half Chinese but was still semi-blind pre-LASIK. The researchers divided nearly 2,000 primary one students into two groups …

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Running HIIT-style @ 2+ months post-delivery

Even for someone who loves running there are days when running 5km or more can be a little ‘meh’. Yesterday I mixed it up a bit and took our baby girl for a run with interval sprints (essentially high intensity interval training – HIIT). 30 second sprint, 2 minute jog, repeat for total distance of …

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Shower schizophrenia

I’m getting this again… #newbaby #cantshowerinpeace #showerschizophrenia