Run @ 2+ months post-delivery

So we had a milestone today… Our first #postpartum #run, just me and the #babygirl (well, first run out of the womb anyway!).

We did about 5km in about 25mins. Not too shabby I guess. But surely factoring in the weight of the baby capsule (weighs nearly a tonne – I have #tenniselbow again from lifting it) makes the time impressive?!

Anyway there were only two episodes of crying.

And only when I had to run the hilly bits 😉


This running, so exhausting…


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  1. I just found your blog and I love it. All of the stuff I’ve read on the internet says that you shouldn’t run with your baby until he/she is 6 months old or so due to them not being able to support themselves but I felt like this was a bit overkill. I felt like if you had them in the carseat adapter, that you could run much earlier as long as they are nicely supported. Do you have any more insight on this?

    • Hey Jessica – thanks for reading and apologies for the delay in replying!

      Yes, most stuff you read says no running (or even brisk walking) up until a certain age – the main fears are (1) The stroller turning over, for instance going around corners and (2) “Shaken baby syndrome” from the vibrations in the stroller.

      With respect to the first point – common sense! Take it easy around corners, and be careful if your stroller/carrier is top heavy (mine was both times – we used an infant capsule attached to a jogging stroller, but never had any issues with tipping over). We liked this arrangement as bub was secure in the straps, as per in the car. Just remember not to keep bubs in the capsule for extended periods (whether it be driving, running, or just sleeping).

      Second point – the mechanism of ‘shaken baby syndrome’ is completely different from the vibrations felt by a baby in a stroller. And there is no medical evidence that running with a baby will cause brain or body damage. One thing to be careful with though if you choose to run with a young bub, consider their head support – for my newbies I used a ‘C’ shaped pillow that went around their head and neck (used the same thing in the car too, for when they fell asleep) and it worked perfectly for runs.

      As for when I ran with ours? I’m sure the haters are gonna comment (and to be honest with the youngest coming up on 1 year my memory is hazy!) but I think I went for very easy jogs at maybe 6 weeks? 2 months? Let’s face it, you are unlikely to be doing any kind of speed in the very early days as you will be (should be) recovering and it takes time for your core/ pelvic floor to get back into shape. So this essentially self-protects against dangers 1 and 2 above!

      Hope that helps! Common sense dictates, and enjoy getting back into it 🙂

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