“Kissing children on the lips is ‘too sexual’ and could confuse them” says doctor.

“Kissing children on the lips is ‘too sexual’ and could confuse them” says doctor.


1. Kissing your plump newborn cherub is not sexual; if you think it is then you have major issues. In fact, you should get your head checked if you DON’T want to kiss them!

2. We’re not talking about a yummy mummy dropping off her strapping 17-year-old son to football practice with a French kiss… Unless they’re actually French. Which makes everything “trés cool”. Apparently.

3. How is it NOT OK to kiss your kids but OK to wack a boob into their mouth for breastfeeding? As a mother I’m now confused – which is less likely to doom me to hell? Hypersexualised breastfeeding or akin-to-child-abuse-formula-feeding?

4. It would follow that in the event of epic baby poos that we are not allowed to clean their privates as this would invariably involve touching them, thereby being ‘sexual’… And let’s face it, there’s NOTHING SEXIER than baby poo. Or in fact anything to do with a baby… Baby screaming, baby vomit, baby bod. SO DAMN SEXY.

5. Final point (call me petty if you will) (“PETTY” I hear you chorus)… But this “doctor” chick making these claims (who describes herself on her website as “especially talented and uniquely qualified” – which makes her especially talented at being uniquely modest) is a psychologist with a PhD. I’m not saying that’s better or worse than a doctor, but it’s not consistent with the generally accepted definition of “a doctor”.

And before all you doctorate-lovers get in a tizz about definitions:

Doctor” (Oxford English Dictionary – their ‘definition in popular use’): a doctor of medicine; applied to a medical practitioner. A.K.A. physician, medical practitioner, medical man, medical woman, clinician, doctor of medicine, MD.


I’m off. To kiss my baby girl. All over. Until she giggles. And then reports me to Child Services.

What do you think? Do you kiss your kids on the lips?


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