Happy One Month Baby Girl!

Baby girl is 1 month old today – we celebrated with a pink, frilly, Hello Kitty party for her and all her little friends. Gluten, dairy and nut free of course.


Listed as “The Largest Collection of Hello Kitty”. Amusingly… the title in the search list is cut short to “Largest Collection of Hell”. Rightly so.

HA! Her 1 month old birthday gift (as is every gift from hereon in) is having such awesome parents/ older brother…. And we celebrated by doing a workout – together!

First of all… Yesterday – first run since delivery. 4km, reasonable pace. The only thing that hurt were my burning lungs, so I guess we’re good to step it up.

Today – zero motivation. Sadly cannot sit on the sofa and gorge on cheese as baby girl doesn’t like it… (read: screams and doesn’t sleep… not worth it, the opposite of L’Oréal).  So I have been just sitting on the sofa considering chocolate instead.

So we did a workout at home (something I have previously scoffed at – sorry to all you home-worker-outers)

Body weight squats (not strictly body weight – with baby in carrier and 5kg weight vest)
Push ups (hands on 2 separate chairs to allow gap in between for baby)
Body weight sneaky lunges (with baby, weights vest, ‘sneaky’ being 100% on toes)
Bicep curls with resistance band (nearly broke out my G-string leotard and leg warmers for this one)
Plank work

Overall felt OK. Certainly better than my earlier sofa workout.

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