Workout 3+ Weeks Post-Delivery

OK, I originally started this blog to document my experience and review the evidence regarding exercise in pregnancy. Two pregnancies down… But sadly my workout frequencies are down too… Sigh. 🙁

ANYWAY, hit the gym today – first proper workout since arrival of the girl!


Trusty BOB easing yet another child into the rigors of workout. She’s resting after her WOD.

(Don’t laugh at my weights – or lack thereof!)

4 rounds:
Thrusters 5kg DB (no, there is no zero missing there)
Push ups
Pull downs
Walking lunges 5kg DB
Plank work

I’ve been out of the game too long… I was puffing like a fat man running for the bus. (The most PC analogy I could think of)… BUT I feel fab, can’t stop grinning – I’m BAAACCCCKKK!

In terms of post-pregnancy & delivery… It should be noted that the (well-meaning) healthcare professionals at hospital and follow-up provided me with the following advice:

  • Do not lift anything other than my baby for 6 weeks – surely all the crap we have to lug around with the newborn is heavier than the newborn? And what about the needy toddler? And what about your 6ft 3” husband who wants a carry when he gets tired? Seriously they didn’t think this one through;
  • Do not run or jump for 2 months – otherwise your bladder will extrude through your umbilicus and possibly up through your nose making it hard to pee – and breathe – for all eternity;
  • Before thinking about working out, perform tests to determine your ‘suitability’ – rest on your elbows in plank position and draw up your pubic muscles through your boobs then push yourself into headstand position and drink 1L of water and hold for 2 hours; when you’re on the verge of urinary incontinence jump up, jump up and get down to see if you pee yourself. If you don’t, you’re good to start gentle walking exercises, but no more than 10 metres at a time, which is long enough to get from kitchen-to-toilet-to-baby-to-change-table-to-kitchen-to-repeat-to-insanity;
  • Sign up for private exercise classes:  take out another mortgage so that you can go to pseudo-Pilates classes with baby to meet other Mums for pseudo-support but in reality have a competition to see who is the most all-together Mum/Baby pair there – making sure that I bring my designer handbag/ nappy bag/ stroller/ shoes/ Prozac.  If your baby keeps you up at night and you are tired and cry or breakdown, you will be hunted and killed by a stoopid dentist from Minnesota as punishment.

Advice aside, how did I actually feel?

Well, to be honest I felt ready to workout a week ago, but it’s easy being lazy when you have a baby. Gym or sofa? “I’ll have the cake please”. I was a bit short of breath during the workout and I think I already have DOMS but otherwise I felt totally fine. I felt great in fact. And scrap that statement about DOMS – I DEFINITELY already have DOMS. It feels gooooood.

And because people ask (and let’s face it, it’s the first thing people judge you on when you’ve had a baby)… How do I look?

Daaaahling, fricken fabulous.



Weighed myself for the first time since mid-pregnancy… I am at pre-pregnancy weight but that’s where the similarities end. I am skinny and fatty (if you know what I mean), no muscle (embarrassingly) so on the surface all looks well, but the edges are soft and rounded like, well, something soft and rounded. And the boobs – yeah, will have to get some new support for those. Maybe duct tape.

OK, child calls, mother responds. More to follow… I’m itching to go for a good run. 🙂

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