Tabata Workout 6 weeks Post-Delivery

#tabata #newmum #babybod #homeworkout Tabata 1 (All with baby in carrier and 5kg weight vest) Squats Push ups Speed skaters Rows Plank contralateral arm/leg Tabata 2 Jump squats Mountain climb Jump lunges Deadlifts & Rows Burpees I officially have no more hamstrings. 😰


New Mum Queries

I don’t mean to sound uncaring, but had to giggle (laugh like a hyena) when I read these new mum concerns online… “How do I initiate a routine with my 2-week-old?” “My 1-week-old is being very clingy and only wants to be held by me – what’s wrong with her?” “My 3-week-old is only sleeping …

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Newborn Scalp Rash

That moment when you’ve got your newborn in the baby carrier, and you notice a weird-looking rash on her scalp… … Only to realise that it’s food that you’ve dropped on her head, all dried up. Sorry baby. 🙁


Fat, Glorious Fat.

Got annoyed reading this snippet in this month’s Marie Claire… “… just one high-fat meal makes us more prone to stress… Keep trail mix and chopped veggies on hand… The odd bit of Cadbury won’t hurt either.” Not only was it a casually thrown in ‘fact’ with no reference in sight, but it was telling …

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Happy One Month Baby Girl!

Baby girl is 1 month old today – we celebrated with a pink, frilly, Hello Kitty party for her and all her little friends. Gluten, dairy and nut free of course. HA! Her 1 month old birthday gift (as is every gift from hereon in) is having such awesome parents/ older brother…. And we celebrated by …

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Workout 3+ Weeks Post-Delivery

OK, I originally started this blog to document my experience and review the evidence regarding exercise in pregnancy. Two pregnancies down… But sadly my workout frequencies are down too… Sigh. 🙁 ANYWAY, hit the gym today – first proper workout since arrival of the girl! (Don’t laugh at my weights – or lack thereof!) TABATA …

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Life… Pre- and Post-Children

Forget all that deep and meaningful crap that people go on about once they’ve had kids. Sure you love them – biological imperative – I believe they call it gene survival… You can’t imagine life without them – because they won’t shut up long enough to let you… Having them makes you stronger – I …

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Study – Breastfeeding Delays Maternal Vascular Ageing

#breastfeeding #BreastfeedingIsAwesome #WorldBreastFeedingWeek #CarotidArteryDisease #BreastFeedingBenefits Breastfeeding (BF) just gets awesomer and awesomer. (Is ‘awesomer’ a word? As mother to a bun fresh from the oven – our daughter is 3 weeks old today – sleep deprivation makes it so I don’t really give a sh*t about grammar.) In addition to all the well-established benefits of …

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