‘Baby Brain’… Does it exist?

So I’m FINALLY on maternity leave… apparently now I am allowed to succumb to ‘baby brain’. I am usually, most definitely, a left-brain person.* * (Traditionally) Left brain: language, logic, critical thinking, numbers, reasoning. Right brain: emotions, music, colour, images, intuition, creativity. Pregnancy has messed with that. I now find myself crying at everything (although …

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37+3 weeks… Running and cheesecake.

OK, the girl and I are at 37+3 weeks pregnancy. Gone are my previous ambitions of being a patient, “oh the baby will come when she’s ready” (cue gentle motherly giggle) pregnant woman. I’m saying NOW is a good time to come out. Sadly no-one is listening. Ran 6km today. It was difficult… the whole way. …

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