The Awesomeness of Sesame Street

I loved it. Our boy loves it.  But is it a good programme for your kid/s to watch? Surprisingly there is a fair amount of literature out there on it… It has been shown to: Help augment traditional interventional approaches for speech pathologists – eg. The Word on the Street segment; Be a reliable indicator …

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Childhood – Then and Now

So I picked up some free ‘mama’ mags today… It seems things have changed A LOT since we were kids… PLAYING THEN: board games, Lego, ball, bicycle. An intimate and close connection with the experience of concrete and gravel burn (I did grow up in HK after all). NOW: age-appropriate educational, non-choke-hazard, non-toxic-paint toys that …

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35 weeks… It’s the Final Countdown!

Yes I AM referring to that song by Europe. You can thank me later for putting it in your head. And just because you know you want to, check out the video. Really, between Europe and Dolph Lundgren, the world owes 80s Sweden a massive ‘thank you’.   7km run this morning. Geez it was …

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Braxton Hicks Contractions

Braxton Hicks Contractions (BHC)… So I’ve been having these for a while, but during the last few days they’ve become pretty hard core. Reminds me of that scene in “Friends” when Rachel was experiencing them and Ross says “They’re no big deal, most women don’t even feel them”. Rachel (quite rightly) advises “No uterus, no …

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