The Measles Vaccine Protects Against More Than Just Measles

The measles vaccine is more awesome that we originally thought… It not only protects against measles, but also against other infections.

Measles weakens the immune system.

  • Previously thought to last several months, latest research is showing that measles-survivors remain susceptible to other infections for up to 3 YEARS;
  • Measles kills large numbers of B and T lymphocytes (“memory” cells), thereby affecting the immune system’s ability to remember and kill microbes.

Measles vaccine protects against measles AND other diseases.

  • Looking at world-wide data captured before and after the measles vaccine was introduced…
  • At times when measles was prevalent, it contributed to HALF of all childhood deaths from infectious diseases;
  • After measles vaccine was introduced, mortality from other infectious diseases dropped;
  • The benefits of measles vaccination are therefore far greater than simply the reduction in measles deaths.

As a healthcare professional and parent, this is good news. Talk about two for the price of one!


And for those of you STILL going on about the alleged (defunct) MMR and autism link, seriously, it is time to let it go… Read the literature, including the recent study from JAMA showing (again) that there is no link between MMR vaccination and autism, EVEN in high-risk children.

Find some other serious thing to worry about, like whether your thighs touch or not.

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